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Convergence Partners' Defence & Intelligence Business Unit is heavily involved in both Counterterrorism Training and the development and distribution of Counterterrorism related products to NATO countries. The firm does not disclose its investment or development in related products or programs.  But, sometimes, one can see an immediate payoff from the work, and can take a moment to thank the first responders that chose to step-up when their community needed them.

Our Defence & Intelligence Business Unit provided valuable counterterrorism training to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office in a recent engagement.  What no one knew at the time was that our training would take place just one month before the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. The team we trained employed the tactics and practices that they had learned to end the attack as quickly as they did. Later, our team received a very kind letter from them crediting our training for their ability to respond as effectively as they did. We are happy to have been able to assist, but the credit for the lives saved that day go solely to the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office. It is clearly insufficient, but all we can do is say thank you for the work you do.

Obviously, course content and tactics are undisclosed, but below is the Sheriff's Office team participating in a training module led by our instructors who are leaders in their field, barely a month prior to the terrorist attack.

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