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Convergence Partners' projects generally are not disclosed.  Below are certain public announcements regarding certain matters that are published as a matter of record only.

DragonSkin Body Armour


Convergence Partners announces that it has acquired the exclusive licence to manufacture, sell, and distribute all products related to DragonSkin body armour worldwide.

DragonSkin body armour is unique in the world of military-grade personnel protection.  It is flexible, using multiple, small discs arranged in an overlapping pattern rather than a single rigid plate.  It weighs approximately the same as standard-issue U.S. Army body armour, and will stop multiple shots without failing. DragonSkin dramatically reduces backface trauma, i.e. the force that produces bruising of the wearer when other body armours are hit.  

DragonSkin has had a very high-profile history including run-ins between the original inventor and the U.S. Army, which culminated in the original company's demise despite the DragonSkin product not only being superior but light years ahead of the current Interceptor armour used by the U.S. Army, according to Lt. Col. Jim Magee (U.S.M.C. Ret.) who invented the U.S. Army's current Interceptor armour.

We look forward to finally being able to get this superior product into the hands of specialized military forces.

DragonSkin is one of those diamonds in the rough, where the predecessor company's follies impaired its ability to properly launch the product prior to our involvement, and began a genuine brand-warfare battle between the U.S. military and its contractors.  Below is the prior press coverage that led to our firm's acquisition of the product licence.  We are pleased to be able to finally get the far-superior DragonSkin products into the marketplace.  Click on the links below to see relevant news coverage of the DragonSkin design prior to our involvement in the program.







PBS Jim Lehrer 

New York Times

Huffington Post

2022 Market Update


By request, as the firm did in 2019, Convergence Partners announces that it will hold a single meeting on Friday, April 8, 2022 to provide a current affairs update for friends of the firm in the United Kingdom that did not participate in their respective banks' auction rate securities buyback programs.  This meeting is being offered solely as a courtesy and no investment or other financial advice of any kind will be offered in this meeting. Due to the number of requests received, we republish certain original articles and materials from the original failing of the auction rate securities markets.  Please find links to such materials below.  No ownership or copyright of any kind is claimed by Convergence Partners on the following materials.  They are being provided as a courtesy for reference purposes only.


Click Here for MarketWatch coverage of the auction rate securities markets quoting Timothy Batchelor.


Click Here for the Financial Times coverage of the auction rate securities markets quoting Timothy Batchelor as reprinted by Pluris Valuation Advisors, LLC.  The original article can be found at

Convergence Partners Selects 2022 First Year Associate Program Participants

Convergence Partners announces that it has selected its participants for the 2022 First Year Associate Program.  Individuals selected will be notified by the firm within two weeks. 


As the selection process for 2022 has been completed, we announce the opening of the 2023 application window for the First-Year Associate Program.  Each year, the firm selects at least one candidate to participate in the program, which sponsors the appointee's education in a field relevant to the firm, and employs the appointee on a part-time basis until graduation.  The appointee receives the same remuneration package as Associates that have joined the firm outside of the program.  Following graduation, members of the program are typically promoted to Senior Associate and assigned full-time responsibilities on a project team in one of the firm's disciplines.  The application window will remain open until 5:00pm Atlantic Time on August 1, 2022.

Project IconHealth (China)

Project IconHealth (China) ("IconHealth") operates a variety of business interests that seek to elevate health care to reflect the latest scientific findings in best clinical practices. Capitalizing on its strengths in therapeutic care, IconHealth began its expansion in China in 2017.  Offering clinical-based professional training, clinical care and continuing research in the area of rehabilitation intervention and service delivery modes, IconHealth expands the leading edge in the application of treatment options that leverage scientific discovery, analytics, biomedical engineering and other advanced technologies directed at developing and restoring healthy function. 

IconHealth has three Missions: (1) Clinical care: providing cutting edge evidence-based therapeutic interventions emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to meet the full spectrum of patient needs; (2) Education: IconHealth education initiatives, through strengthening collaboration of global affiliated partners, using a problem-based model of training to foster higher standards of professional competency and patient care; (3) Research: collaborating with global leading research universities to conduct and transfer clinical research toward cure-directed intervention and scaled service delivery platforms, IconHealth seeks to meet the mass demand of therapeutic needs globally.

An estimated 85 million individuals have disabilities in China. With rapid economic development and increasing awareness of the importance of rehabilitation, there are urgent needs for quality rehabilitation training in China. IconHealth sees China's growing commitment to aggressive expansion in its rehabilitation services, along with a regulatory environment that encourages innovation, as a catalyst for new models of healthcare delivery. IconHealth develops disruptive precedents in care models offering a new era of improved outcomes through interdisciplinary care to solve the growing developmental disorders (such as Autism spectrum disorders), the expanding senior care need, and a new awareness in acute and sub-acute rehabilitation care.

Icon Health - GMU合作备忘录签字仪式。贵阳,中国2018

Television news coverage of the transaction closing meeting for IconHealth (China) with Shawn Beswick.

Convergence Film Capital appoints new Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of Convergence Film Capital, the Dubai-based entertainment finance consortium, has voted unanimously to name 

Timothy Batchelor as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

Click Here for the public announcement.

Convergence Partners merges Entertainment Industry Payment Contract Providers

Convergence Partners, in association with Convergence Entertainment Capital, announced that it has successfully completed the merger of its creative professionals' guaranteed payment contract providers.

Click Here for the public announcement.

Convergence Partners Launches an International First-Year Associate Program

With over 620 prospective candidates this year, Convergence Partners has appointed three individuals to participate in its initial First-Year Associate Program.  Each year, the firm will select one individual for this program.  However, given the rapid expansion of the firm's Defence & Intelligence, Technology, and Entertainment groups, the firm has opted to select three individuals for the program this year.  Each individual receives a scholarship for all tuition, fees and expenses for an undergraduate and graduate program at a university of their choice.  Additionally, these individuals are appointed as Associates in one of the firm's groups to supplement their academic work with practical experience, and they receive the same remuneration package as other Associates who joined the firm outside of the First-Year Associate Program.

Convergence Partners welcomes these individuals to the firm, and we are proud to support their development and career advancement.

Click Here for the public announcement.

Sub submerged.jpg

Subsea Engineering, Inc.

Convergence Partners, and its affiliates, announces that Subsea Engineering, Inc. ("SEI"), owner of the Subsea Engineering submersible vehicle project, has sold its rights to the project to Subsea Engineering Partners.  Originally acquired in 2014 by SEI, the submersible vehicle represented an entry-level, baseline design of a vehicle for both subsurface as well as surface operations.  The original design could deploy directly from shore and travel for hundreds of miles at speeds of up to 30 MPH, submerging on demand, surfacing and returning to shore.  Unlike traditional submarines that require multi-million dollar support vessels and hundreds of crewmembers to launch, the vehicle could operate independently and launch in as little as three feet of water.  The actual market demand was significantly greater than expected post-acquisition, and the original design needed to be brought into the next generation of vehicles to dwarf even the distant competition.  Subsea Engineering Partners is poised to capture both the market and imagination of its engineering partners as new uses of the vehicle are continually discovered.  Current performance and market capabilities of the vessel are strictly confidential. Only the original design is pictured on this site for reference purposes.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE:  Subsea Engineering Partners is aware of several groups marketing supposed investment opportunities in submersible vehicles that are based upon the intellectual property and other assets that were the subject of the February 2014 Asset Purchase Agreement by Subsea Engineering, Inc., which is in full force and effect to the present today.  Subsea Engineering Partners, the owner of the subject intellectual property and other assets, is neither soliciting outside capital nor accepting unsolicited outside capital investment in this project.  Any person or entity contemplating a supposed investment opportunity purported to involve the assets originally acquired by Subsea Engineering, Inc. is urged to use extreme caution in contemplating such investment, as any such proceeds will not produce a claim on the assets acquired by Subsea Engineering, Inc.  All rights and remedies are expressly reserved.  Subsea Engineering Partners has no affiliation with Convergence Partners, and this notice is posted merely as a courtesy to the investing public. No affiliation between Convergence Partners and Subsea Engineering Partners is expressed or implied by the posting of this notice.


Click Here for Subsea World News coverage of the original asset acquisition quoting Beswick and Batchelor

Click Here for Naval Today coverage of the SEI product expansion quoting Timothy Batchelor

SEC Fails to Block Subsea Engineering Transaction


Despite filing a 2018 lawsuit to dispute the proposed 2015 multistep sale of the Subsea Engineering project, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission failed to reverse the transaction, or block the later sale of the project to an affiliate, Subsea Engineering Partners. Both transactions were left intact by the federal court.


The Commission had initiated a civil dispute with Timothy Batchelor, essentially claiming that the initial step of the transaction, a loan and 270-day option agreement on the project was erroneous, rendering the proceeds unjustified and ill-gotten from the lenders/buyers.  The SEC was provided with written evidence of the legitimacy of the transaction’s initial step, which had been structured and drafted by the buyers’/lenders’ own attorneys, not by Batchelor. This coupled with the fact that Timothy Batchelor was not a signatory to the operative agreement, and took no part in its negotiation due to the conflict of interest, began to erode the Commission’s regulatory claim.


Even though disproven, the Commission chose to file its civil suit anyway, now attempting to ignore the transaction altogether, instead choosing to allege a set of facts clearly impossible for a project of this size and complexity.  The SEC was then provided with evidence showing that the buyers/lenders and sellers/borrowers were completely satisfied with the private transaction.  Additionally, the Commission was presented with the buyers’/lenders’ written verification of their prior consent to the transaction, as well as verification that the buyers and sellers had exactly the same information at the time of the transaction.  The Commission was shown that the transaction was structured by the buyers’/lenders’ attorneys, and had reflected their desires accurately.


The SEC was further shown that the proposed buyers had provided their verification of prior consent to the transaction even after the expiration of their option period.  Lastly, the SEC’s claim of erroneous reporting to them was dispensed with by written evidence that the filings in question had actually been completed and filed by the buyers’ attorneys in complete conformity to the SEC’s own instructions on the very filing in question.  Once the buyers’ option term had expired, the Subsea Engineering project was sold to an affiliate, Subsea Engineering Partners.


As previously stated, both transactions were left intact by the federal court, as the SEC was simply forcing its way into a small, completely private transaction, where it didn’t belong.  The matter was then able to be settled by consent in 2019 for business expediency, given the market demand for the product, and the regulatory matter was closed.  Subsea Engineering Partners looks forward to finally bringing this next generation vessel to market.

Click Here for more information on the background and successful resolution to our SEC dispute.

By regulator request, Timothy Batchelor has not made any public comment on the dispute, and has not taken part in any of the firm's statements on the matter.  However, neither Convergence Partners nor Shawn Beswick are required to remain silent on the SEC's misconduct.  Click Here for some of the latest information on how similar investors are finally challenging the SEC's unconstitutional tactics of concealing truthful information from the market, when it casts their own unproven allegations or its prosecutorial misconduct in a negative light. The challenge is being brought before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Click Here for Elon Musk's TED talk with pertinent comments on his similar SEC dispute.  Specific comments can be found starting at 27:00.

Project Digital Sabre


Threats from transnational organized crime, terrorism, violent criminal organizations and illicit networks, have increased during the past fifteen years. The nexus of crime, terrorism and insurgency is not limited to areas overseas. Criminal organizations have begun to adopt the tactics of terrorists. The converged and blended threats have presented new and difficult challenges to federal, state and local law enforcement. These criminal organizations operate in the seams of our law and often just out of reach of law enforcement agencies. They employ advanced tradecraft in attacking key individuals, inciting terror with violent actions, attacking national infrastructure, and their ability to infiltrate our cities is becoming a serious threat levied on state and local law enforcement agencies, along with national law enforcement partners. Governments must adopt new capabilities, methods and tactics to overcome these threats. It is vital to enhance the strong collaboration of law enforcement, the courts, and the cutting edge of technology to address the challenges brought to local communities by international terrorist and transnational criminal networks in an innovative and cost effective way.

Project Digital Sabre (“Digital Sabre”) integrates and enhances cutting edge capabilities that expands and improve the methods currently available to law enforcement while preserving the integrity of the U.S. Fourth Amendment and their judicial process. The capability strategically enhances the ability of the courts, law enforcement, investigators and prosecutors to identify, interdict, disrupt and degrade the extensive and ubiquitous transnational criminal networks and their links among crime and terrorism. Digital Sabre combines the capabilities of Information Forensics (IF), large-scale data analytics, retrospective forensic analysis (RFA), court oversight, information collection, intercept and analysis and the capability to protect investigative information that can be accessed by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in concert with investigations. This system provides a highly agile interface for the courts, prosecutors, and investigators to enable more efficient, effective and agile access to investigative tools. The project’s capability preserves citizens’ rights to privacy and prevent inappropriate search and use of private data, while encapsulating data for forensic investigation.

Project Quiet Capture


Project Quiet Capture (“Quiet Capture”) is the first to market application of a data-centric information security framework that departs from the network-centric paradigm that governments and corporations are helplessly dependent upon today. Quiet Capture changes the course of how we protect our information assets by protecting (encrypting) the individual data elements with unique identification and classification, referred to as Self-Protecting Data. With this unique design, information assets are only revealed to the authorized users as defined by the organization – at the right time and the right location.

Quiet Capture is delivered as a cloud-based service software that can integrate with an organization’s standard applications and browsers, which enables data-centric protection. However, the infrastructure, accessible and managed via a web portal, enables integration to any commercial or proprietary application such as video, communications, sensors, command and control.

Once information is protected, Quiet Capture allows for essential collaboration and information sharing, while still maintaining complete security, wherever it goes, without reliance on the network security. Sensitive information is simply protected, even when it is lost, stolen, or compromised via cyber attack, finally realizing true compartmentalized “Need-to-Know” and “Privacy Protection.” Quiet Capture changes how we protect information in a way that will make us all more secure but free to share information as the internet was intended.

Project DistantAero

Project DistantAero ("DistantAero") provides for automated clearing of business jet fractional interests and placement of stub-hour allocations in a variety of continents around the globe.  This dramatically increases the utility received by private jet clients over their initial acquisition.  Additionally, Project DistantAero's distribution network pairs parties requiring bespoke configurations and technical requirements with state of the art offerings from a variety of aircraft manufacturers.  

Project NavStratos

Project NavStratos ("NavStratos") is a suite of aviation design & test companies around the globe that design and develop next generation technologies for manufacturers/developers to expand the envelope on aircraft safety & efficiency in all flight regimes.  Sample offerings allow greatly increased navigation accuracy in RNP approaches in hostile environments, aircraft defensive systems, and technologies that are proving to make public space flight closer to a reality.

Steel Ribbon Foundation

Convergence Partners has established the Steel Ribbon Foundation ("Steel Ribbon") to support veterans and their needs after their time of service.  Convergence Partners sets aside a portion of its profits from each project for Steel Ribbon to support such causes in both active and passive roles.  We are committed to stand behind those who have stood to defend their country, and it is an honor to have the opportunity to support their needs as they come home from active duty.  Steel Ribbon neither solicits nor accepts outside contributions of any kind, monetary or otherwise. 

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