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Team Snapshots
Our most important assets are our people. The wide spectrum of experiences represented in our professional group is what gives us the flexibility to develop innovative asset and strategic solutions for our stakeholders. They have the opportunity to leave their personal mark on projects that change industries.
Partner, Entertainment,
Grand Cayman

"The Radar Pictures project is a great example of our dedication. What started out as a basic turnaround and shareholder advocacy project, turned into a heated Hollywood battle royale with management, involvement of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and courtroom as well as boardroom battles -- all with the typical Hollywood hysterics.  Our Founders and the entire team stuck to their principles and stayed true to our stakeholders when the chips were down, even when other Wall Street firms involved were cutting and running.  Ultimately, we closed that transaction with the largest rate of return in Radar's history. Not bad, since our project group was looking at a total loss before, and Radar is back on its feet, having just released Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with Dwayne Johnson."

Senior Associate,
Defence & Intelligence,

"When we first acquired our submersible craft assets in 2014, we obtained a sound basic design that had been mired down in a long track record of lulled development, litigation and inexperienced management that could never deliver the product and support required of such a niche submersible craft. 

After our team got to work assembling international technical experts to move the basic concept forward into the next generation, we were able to leapfrog the competition, and Subsea Engineering's selected manufacturer can bring a vastly superior product to Europe, Asia, and Middle East customers over its outdated basic design. This equated to a 76x return when we spun-off Subsea Engineering to its new owners."

First-Year Associate

"It's so refreshing to actually see a firm put its money where its mouth is in supporting its people and cultivating new talent.  My only previous experience was in retail, when I contacted the firm about their First Year Associate Program. I knew where I wanted to go but was unsure quite how to get there.  I needed a mentor.  They saw the drive in me that motivates me every day.  But, I was still shocked when I became their 2019 First Year Associate, being selected over so many others. The firm sponsored my education and allows me to work with a project team to understand how my academics can be put into practice.  Knowing that I have even a small part in getting DragonSkin Armour into the hands of our soldiers makes me very proud."

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